7 Graphic Design Trends in 2021

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Website design has elements that are here to stay; easy navigation, fast speeds and increased security. The latest graphic design trends in 2021 are working well with these aspects and make the experience visually enhancing .

In this article we discuss the 7 graphic design trends in 2021 that are beyond web design; we include the ripple effect of design in marketing, logos, and company branding:

  1. 3D

While 3D is not exactly new, it is getting much cooler. This design trend is one that certainly makes the most of modern software and tech advances. The rise of augmented and virtual reality in UI web design and increased tech speeds- all of these elements help designers up their 3D game.

  1. Nature themed Design

This trend may come as a side effect of the pandemic situation wherein many thirst for nature and the outdoors. Commercial designers might well do right by reflecting the current mood; if you can’t go to the fields, let the fields come to you!

Natural, softer design has been coming up slowly. The idea of mimicking natural lights and earthy tones and colors are all coming back into fashion. Nature themed design can fit muted color palettes, illustrations and minimalism.

  1. Optical illusions

The more you look, the more you need to.Optical illusion design would be ideal for 2021 where designers get really funky with this trend. Illusion design can be quite addictive but with a note of caution-there is a place and time for this type of design.

Is it appropriate? Is the illusion conveying the message you want to portray? If your particular brand has something related to the idea of spirituality, movement and strangeness, illusion design is worth your consideration.

  1. 3D Typography

The prediction is that popular typography designs of 2020 will be transformed into 3D in 2021. With this 3D comes the elements of texture and pattern and using them in imaginative and stunning ways.

  1. Cartoon Illustrations

Everyone, without exception, enjoys cartoons. Cartoon illustration is an excellent format that is adaptable, keeps variety and adds playfulness. Designers can use characters on presentation materials, posters, brochures, the limits are endless.

  1. Duotone and Monochrome
    A very limited palette has been around for quite some time in modern design.This helps designers use a limited time on complex elements while using limited and simple colour themes.

    Duotone and Monochrome also helps customers simplify the design so the brain is not filled with a complex mixture of design elements playing against each other.
  1. Geometric Design

This design trend looks all set to peak this year.  The concept of using different shapes to create larger and more complex ones. The Large solids and blocks often differ in outlines and colours, uniting to produce coherent, imaginative combinations.

Trends Change

The graphic design world is a world that is seeing unprecedented growth. Ultimately, tastes change and technology keeps on moving forward. These top 7 design trends for 2021 are here to lead you to the right direction, to dismiss, and to spark your inspiration- it’s all up to you.


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