Accenture to acquire ALBERT after completing tender offer

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Accenture has completed a tender offer to purchase ALBERT Inc., a Japanese data science company.

In a statement, Accenture said it would get a huge staff of data scientists due to the acquisition, bolstering its data and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for clients.

The tender offer began on 29 September and concluded on 14 November. The quantity of ALBERT common shares and stock purchase rights presented to Accenture exceeds the two-thirds threshold required to become a subsidiary of Accenture. ALBERT will become a subsidiary of Accenture upon completion. Accenture anticipates purchasing all outstanding shares and stock acquisition rights in the coming months.

ALBERT mainly serves major Japanese organisations with AI and extensive data analytics services, AI-based algorithm creation, AI implementation advice, and data science training support. In 2015, the company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange after being created in 2005. Its 250-person data science team will join Accenture’s Applied Intelligence group, which provides AI and data-driven transformation solutions and services.

ALBERT will boost Accenture’s global capabilities to assist clients in managing the comprehensive reinvention of their enterprises, which most successful firms will experience over the coming decade. Technology, data, and AI will revolutionise every aspect of their business, enabling new ways of working and communicating with customers and new business models and growth potential.

Accenture’s acquisition is the latest step in the company’s efforts to strengthen its services in Japan, which leverage data to digitally mimic the entire organisation and to help Japanese companies grow and become more competitive through deep data analytics and AI capabilities. Accenture recently launched multiple data-driven management solutions in Japan, for example, to forecast various business scenarios and provide steps to enhance projections, as well as to assist clients’ ESG (environment, society, and corporate governance) practises.

“Companies today need a 360-degree view on their business to make better and faster decisions. They must look beyond the financials and include, for example, sustainability initiatives, customer experiences, and people development and retraining. Gaining this holistic perspective and being able to simulate every aspect of the business requires deep data science expertise and AI capabilities. Accenture and ALBERT’s team will bring these to clients to help them succeed in their total enterprise reinvention,” Atsushi Egawa, who leads Accenture’s business in Japan, said.

Takeshi Matsumoto, President, and CEO of ALBERT stated, “ALBERT’s philosophy is to connect the world with data science and co-create new value for a better future. As leading companies across industries are investing heavily in AI, we’re seeing growing demand for the technologies and skills that are the core of our business. By joining Accenture, which excels at addressing its clients’ most complex opportunities and issues, our team can drive even more value for clients and accelerate the implementation of AI in society.”

ALBERT will join Accenture’s previous acquisitions to boost its data and AI capabilities for clients worldwide. Analytics8 in Australia, Sentelis in France, Bridgei2i and Byte Prophecy in India, Pragsis Bidoop in Spain, Mudano in the UK, and Clarity Insights, End-to-End Analytics, and Core Compete in the United States are among them.


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