Luno, to offer new payment option for cryptocurrency assets

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Luno, the global cryptocurrency app, announced a partnership with, providing clients with a new payment option.

Starting today, Australian customers can quickly purchase crypto assets using their credit or debit cards, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay, offering an alternative to the current Bank Transfer and Instant Deposit using PayID payment options.

According to Luno, customers can expect the most payment alternatives compared to any other platform on the market. With the addition of to Luno, users will be able to pay with their credit cards and will be subject to a 1.5 per cent card processing cost, which is one of the lowest on the market – a 2 per cent brokerage fee will still apply on all transactions.

Card transactions need 3D Secure verification via one-time payment (OTP), in line with Luno’s security measures across the platform, guaranteeing that users can confidently make app purchases.

“The addition of instant buy is one of many product enhancements from Luno Australia designed to widen access to crypto assets in the market. Luno’s 1.5% card processing fee is comfortably one of the cheapest rates on offer. Coupled with a now extended range of payment options, customers have unrivalled access to faster, easier and more familiar ways to get started with cryptocurrency,” Australia Country Manager James Logan said.

Logan stated that as part of Luno’s continued commitment to making cryptocurrency purchases secure and simple for everyone in Australia. Logan added that customers would soon be able to take advantage of bundles, repeat purchases, and new coins, with Cardano and Solana being added to the platform.

“Australia has one of the highest rates of cryptocurrency adoption in the world and we’re excited to partner with Luno to make digital assets more accessible across the region. By powering more payment options for Luno customers, we are helping to support adoption and greater ease of use of cryptocurrencies for everyone,” said Ashley Paulus, Senior Global Director of Customer Success for Crypto at


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