Samsung further develops Bixby, introducing a new language and setting a foundation for future growth

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Samsung Electronics announced its AI voice assistant, Bixby, now offers Latin American Spanish as a language option.

Since Brazilian Portuguese was the only Latin American language Bixby previously supported, Samsung Galaxy devices users who speak Latin American Spanish can now communicate with their devices in their own tongue.

Young Jip Kim, EVP and Head of the Artificial Intelligence Team at the Mobile eXperience Business, Samsung Electronics, said when Samsung introduced Bixby nearly five years ago, Samsung committed to keeping enhancing its platform with new technologies and significant partners that enable greater experiences.

“We are proud to bring Bixby to the millions of people who speak Latin American Spanish, joining the more than 200 million people already using Bixby from nearly 400 million devices worldwide,” Kim stated.

According to Samsung, Bixby is a robust and intelligent voice assistant that assists Samsung Galaxy users in navigating their devices and organising their lives. It can help users open apps and settings, remember appointments and tasks, and overall make life easier. Bixby can even interact with people by answering phone calls, sending messages, and more.

Users in South and Latin America had to utilise European Spanish with Bixby till recently. The new Latin American Spanish support will allow them to communicate with their smartphone more naturally by using local dialects, accents, and subtleties.

With the addition of Latin American Spanish support, even more Samsung Galaxy users will be able to rely on Bixby’s intelligence and convenience, particularly in the United States, the second-largest Spanish-speaking country and the region with the most Bixby users.

During the recent Samsung Developer Conference 2022 in San Francisco, Samsung announced other developments, including new Smart Home capabilities. Bixby’s voice control and seamless integration with gadgets will play an essential role in monitoring and managing every room of the home as consumers expand their connected ecosystems.

After a software update, Latin American Spanish for Bixby is now available for select Samsung Galaxy devices such as the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4. Support for new devices, including the Galaxy S20 and Z Flip3, will begin in December, with further expansion planned for early 2023.


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