VodafoneZiggo selects Cognizant as Strategic Partner to Consolidate its Services for IT Infrastructure and Virtualized Networking

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Cognizant announced it had been chosen as VodafoneZiggo’s partner to consolidate and maintain its IT and virtualised mobile network infrastructure operations.

In a statement, Cognizant said that as a result, VodafoneZiggo would be able to more quickly roll out new services to its over five million mobile business and consumer customers in The Netherlands, improving the availability and reliability of its communications services via proactive monitoring of infrastructure operations, more precise planning, and accelerated deployment of new services.

According to Cognizant, it will harmonise and simplify the current on-premise landscape as part of the five-year operations and maintenance agreement by implementing higher levels of automation intended to lower the total cost of ownership and facilitate faster onboarding of VodafoneZiggo’s standard as well as containerised and virtualised NFV (Network Function Virtualization) infrastructure.

“Due to the ongoing growth in the demand for data services and digital customer experiences, we continuously aim to optimize our services to serve customers in the best way. This goes hand in hand with a strong drive to establish the best efficiency and effectiveness in our operations and IT infrastructure,” VodafoneZiggo Lead for Cloud Infrastructure Tribe Diana Geels-de Koos said.

Geels-de Koos stated that VodafoneZiggo chose Cognizant as a trusted partner with the experience and ability to help VodafoneZiggo manage and improve the infrastructure that supports its mobile network operations, as well as implement new functions and services at scale.

“We are so proud to have been chosen by VodafineZiggo based on a combination of our deep industry and domain expertise in infrastructure-managed services for large-scale, global companies across various industries, including telecoms and communications. Due to our longstanding relationship and deep-rooted knowledge of VodafoneZiggo’s challenges, we are confident that we will be able to support the company in meeting its next digitalization targets and introduce a new level of stability to its IT infrastructure,” Saket Gulati, Country Manager, Netherlands at Cognizant added. 


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