Aussie startup Orbits challenges tech behemoths with cord-free metaverse

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Media Release by Orbits

Since the early days of the pandemic, Sydney startup Orbits has been connecting people in virtual venues that evoke the physical world—it’s now banking on ushering in the future of hybrid life.

Recognising the new normal is hybrid, virtual venue startup Orbits has updated its platform to meet the surge in post-pandemic demands for flexible hybrid work, events and education solutions. Despite the return to physical venues, companies have seen the benefits of hosting a virtual counterpart to stay relevant to workers seeking to hold on to newfound flexibility, or in the case of events, to reach wider global audiences. Visually rich, yet easily accessed via a browser, Orbits has been thoughtfully designed to give context and meaning to digitally fragmented lives. The startup differs from large global players by prioritizing the user’s comfort and needs—no specialist hardware, clunky headsets, or virtual legs required in this metaverse.

“At the heart of Orbits is a mission to humanise the web. Virtual events are currently a mess of robotic links, emails, and reminders. We set out to change the way people meet online by creating digital spaces that feel like home. We’ve all felt the excitement of showing up at a beautiful venue, the pride of being part of a dynamic office, or the quiet sense of purpose from entering a charming space surrounded by like-minded people. Places create purpose, and Orbits is about bringing that sense of purpose and home into our digital lives.” Lachlan Phillips, Co-Founder and CEO, Orbits.

Orbits launched in 2020, rapidly developing a solution for businesses to salvage cancelled physical events and deliver greater value online. In its first two years, the startup has hosted bespoke virtual events for blue-chip companies (Microsoft, ASUS, Sothys, Singtel), organisations (UN Women Australia, Brisbane Powerhouse) and universities (University of Colorado, York University) to name a few.

Clients with various needs ranging from workplace replicas to digital twins of conferences and festivals have chosen Orbits for its compelling rendered maps, impressive suite of tech features and free-roaming, interactive capabilities. From large-scale conferences, expositions and symposiums to intimate fireside chats and hybrid workplaces, Orbits’ bespoke virtual venues can meet any itinerary, audience or ambition.

As the metaverse continues to evolve while the world acclimates to hybrid living and working, Orbits remains at the forefront of creating virtual environments that prioritise the user’s well-being, comfort and digital experience.


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