Fractal Dataminds (FDm) and Collaborate to Help Nimble Tech Teams Commercialise AI/ML Capabilities

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Media Release by Katonic Pty Ltd

Fractal Dataminds (FDm) and today announced a partnership to help organisations of all sizes commercialise artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities. The partnership enables organisations to conduct incremental experimentation on their businesses and use AI/ML to create commercial value for themselves.

FDm is a data science consultancy that uses advanced causal inference methods to help companies make better decisions using data. Katonic MLOps Platform is a collaborative platform with a Unified UI to manage all data science in one place.  Together, FDm and provide the necessary tools for companies to rapidly iterate, deploy and scale-up and scale-out pipelines delivering AI/ML capabilities.

“We are excited to partner with to empower companies to make high conviction decisions by leveraging their data and domain knowledge smartly,” said Gireesh Ramji, Managing Director of Fractal Dataminds. “’s focus on collaborative workflows, observability and reliability are essential for building out efficient, effective and sustainable AI/ML solutions to business and tech problems.”

“FDm has a long history of helping companies make better decisions using data,” said Prem Naraindas, CEO of “We are excited to partner with them to help organisations adopt an agile approach to AI/ML that delivers real business value.”

The partnership will enable companies to leverage FDm’s experience and’s MLOps platform to quickly prototype, deploy and manage AI/ML capabilities within their business. Organisations will now be able to move from ideation to market faster than ever before, with the confidence that their solutions are powered by the most advanced AI/ML technologies.


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