Tencent Cloud presents Cloud-AI solutions at “Digital Night 2022”, a gathering event by leading Thai digital associations

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Media Release by Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud reaffirms its vision to be a ‘Digital Enabler’, aiming to empower Thai organizations and businesses to accelerate digital transformation with its efficient, stable, and secure cloud-AI solutions. Recently, Tencent Cloud participated in Digital Night 2022, organized by seven digital associations that play significant roles in the implementation of digital technology in Thailand. The associations include the Association of Thai Software Industry (ATSI), Thai IoT Association, Thai Startup Association, Thai Programmer Association (TPA), Digital Technology Entrepreneur Trade Association (DTEA), Thai E-Commerce Association, and Metaverse Association of Thailand (Thai Metaverse).

At the event, Tencent Cloud set up a booth showcasing products and services that are able to meet a wide range of company needs, and was supported by a team of Tencent cloud and AI specialists to provide insight into the following cloud solutions:

· Tencent Cloud EdgeOne: a platform that provides security protection and acceleration services for networks which can be tailored based on different business requirements.

· Tencent Real-Time Communication: a product that allows developers to build solutions for audio calls, video calls, interactive live, and on-cloud recording which ensures stability, fast data transmission, and seamless communication.

· Tencent Cloud solutions for Web3 & Metaverse: a suite of easy-to-use and secure tools and infrastructure that enables users to create and scale Web3 as a way of growing their businesses and acquiring new consumers. It also provides one-stop technical services that support enterprises to build their metaverse projects.

Tencent Cloud aims to escalate efficiency and agility for organizations in various industries with a secure network and high efficiency combined with expertise and an in-depth understanding of large-scale platforms. Leveraging on strong infrastructure, Tencent Cloud operates in 70 availability areas in 26 regions across the world and has 2 data centers in Thailand that ensure fast transmission, and stable and secure data transfer for all enterprises.


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