Facebook’s new app Bars will let you rap over pre-made beats

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Facebook will be releasing an app that will let users post and share videos of them rapping over provided beats.

The app is called Bars. Its main selling point is it provides the beats and lets you create 60-second rap videos over them.The app promises “studio quality vocal effects,” including actual, honest-to-goodness AutoTune.

The “Bars” app also promises an auto-rhyme dictionary for those who mark themselves as “beginners” in the app’s sign-up. For those closer to the “Advanced” level, it also promises a Freestyle mode, which gives you eight random words to work into a 16-bar off-the-cuff rap.

The catch is the app seems to be currently in closed beta, but you can at least sign up to secure your username and get a place in line for when the app starts opening up.


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