Google Workspace announces new features designed for remote work

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Google is adding a set of new features to Google Workspace, including new tools for categorizing your focus time in Google Chat and Calendar, a version of its office suite for frontline workers and better ways to join Google Meet video conferences with multiple devices.

Google is categorizing these features as part of a new push for what it calls “collaboration equity”; which company means as a high-minded way of explaining the tools it’s trying to create so people working from home are not put at a disadvantage compared to people working from the office.

In addition to setting up out-of-office and working hours, users will be able to create a new event type called Focus Time. When setting up a Focus Time, Google says it will limit “notifications during these event windows”. You can also set your location, letting coworkers know your availability and timezone.

Finally, Google says it’s launching “Google Workspace Frontline,” which it calls a “custom solution” for frontline workers. It seems to be a simplified way for administrators to configure a Google Workspace setup for workers in retail or in the field. It will also make it possible to create AppSheet apps (simple, form-based apps) within Google Sheets.


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