Iceberger Website Shows You How Any Iceberg You Draw Would Float

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Icebergs are a hot topic on our ever-warming planet whose climate crisis partially hangs on the survival of the Earth’s coolest climes.

Found at the polar regions of the planet, they can be seen bobbing in the Arctic, North Atlantic, and Southern Oceans. They are immensely heavy (which is why they don’t get on well with cruise ships) but amazingly float in saltwater because they are formed of freshwater

Now, a new app called Iceberger will show you how the iceberg of your wildest imagination would float.

The clever idea is not without limitations, as it can only imagine the two-dimensional configuration of your berg, whereas a three-dimensional distribution of mass might glean a different outcome. However, using approximations, the site can tackle even the wackiest of icebergs with decent accuracy – and above all else, it’s very addictive. The website was inspired by a detailed and brilliant thread from PhD student Megan Thompson-Munsen regarding stable orientations of icebergs.


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