Infosys Named As Digital Innovation Partner for International Tennis Hall of Fame and Title Sponsor of the Hall of Fame Open

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Digital services and consulting company Infosys was recently announced as the International Tennis Hall of Fame digital innovation partner and title sponsor of the annual ATP Tour, the Infosys Hall of Fame Open.

A multi-year collaboration was signed for Infosys to support the efforts of the International Tennis Hall of Fame (ITHF) in celebrating and preserving tennis history through digital advancements and identify and address opportunities to enhance the fan experience.

Infosys has a proven track record in transforming the tennis experience for fans around the world, through partnerships with the Australian Open, ATP Tour, and Roland-Garros.

“We are thrilled to join with Infosys in a comprehensive collaboration to accelerate transformation of the digital landscape of International Tennis Hall of Fame. Infosys is a global leader in the use of cutting-edge technology in tennis and beyond, and we are honored to be a focus in their steadfast dedication to the sport. We look forward to our collaboration bringing tennis closer to fans all over the world,” ITHF CEO Todd Martin said.

“We are very inspired by the incredible strides that the ITHF is making to bring tennis fans the finest ATP Tour grass court tournament in the United States and to nurture the rich heritage of the sport. It will be an exciting journey as we strive to match their commitment to tennis with smart data-driven, digital innovations that can advance the outcomes of their efforts and deliver deeply engaging fan experiences throughout the tournament. Collaborating with the ITHF gives us an opportunity to celebrate their rich history as the origin of the U.S. National Championships and accelerate their endeavors to preserve the history of the sport globally,” Infosys President Ravi Kumar S. said.

As title sponsors of the Infosys Hall of Fame Open, the multinational IT company will run the Stat of the Day digital insights series and will leverage the Infosys Tennis Platform to drive digital innovation and engagement for the following areas:

Sharing tennis’ history using TennisWorthy:

Infosys will have ten episodes annually of the TennisWorthy video series and will pioneer new approaches for this series. 

Enhancing fan experiences:

The IT company will work on immersive VR and 3D platforms that allow fans to engage with tennis’ history while following tournament updates and analysis of players’ performances.

Preserving tournament heritage using digital experiences:

Infosys will consolidate the ITHF’s position as a global leader in the digital preservation and strengthening of the sport’s history. The company will also provide insight-driven and innovative experiences to its global audiences using digital platforms.

The Infosys Hall of Fame Open is set to take place on July 10 – 17 2022 in Newport, R.I. Fans can get information about ticket sales and tournament updates at

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