Meta Allows Reels Makers to Profit From In-Video Ads

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Meta introduces new ad features which creators can earn more from.

The company is taking Reels to new heights, this is Meta’s short-form video feature. Instagram and Facebook’s parent company introduced more ways for creators to profit from Facebook in-video ads

Reels creators can now earn 55% of ad revenue from banner ads. This will appear as a semi-transparent overlay at the bottom part of a reel as well as sticker ads that can be included in the video. 

This new monetization feature is Meta’s latest effort to attract TikTok content creators. During Meta’s fourth-quarter earnings discussion, CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that TikTok is becoming a threat but also mentioned that he is optimistic that Reels would bring in more revenue due to the rapid growth of short-form videos.

The new Reels ads will also come with safety features such as inventory filters, publisher lists, delivery reports, and blocklists. Meta is also testing immersive ads in between Reels. Users will have the capability to like, comment, share, save, and even skip these ads. 

Content creators who are already involved in Meta’s in-stream ads program are eligible to profit from their publicly-shared Reels that have ads. Meta is also planning to test a “Stars” feature wherein the company pays the creators a cent for every ‘star’ a view sends. 
Creators can now also make their Reels up to a minute long and can now save their videos to drafts. Reels can now be remixed as well, similar to TikTok’s duet and stitch features. Live or long-form recorded videos can be turned into Reels in the coming months.

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