Museum Alive is dioramas but AR, with narrations by David Attenborough

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Experience the childhood joy of seeing dioramas courtesy of Museum Alive, an augmented reality iPhone app  released on Wednesday featuring narration by Sir David Attenborough.

Museum Alive is an extension of his Natural History Museum Alive film and has three interactive AR exhibits.

Each exhibit features an extinct animal in a recreation of its specific habitat. The app directs to see a flat surface and pinch to zoom the image to the right scale. After that, the habitat comes to life and a 3D animation starts with Attenborough’s narration.

If you think three AR exhibits are not enough, there’s a promise of an upcoming fourth addition of a dodo, though it’s not clear if the app, which costs $2.99, will get updates beyond that. This is an experience that will likely be enjoyed by kids and the child at heart.


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