NASA’s Perseverance rover sends back first images from its rough landing

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NASA landed a rover named Perseverance on Mars. Perseverance joins older sibling Curiosity on the surface of the Red planet.

However, Perseverance  is not traversing space alone. Ingenuity, a small helicopter, is tagging along for the adventure. Ingenuity’s mission, as its primary demonstration, is to attempt the first powered flight on any planet other than Earth. And to be the blueprint for future Mars missions.

The photos beamed by Perseverance already have scientists asking about Mars’ geology. One photo of the rover’s front wheels shows in the background a few Martian rocks with tiny holes Katie Morgan, the mission’s deputy project scientist said.

“Depending on what the origins of these rocks is, the holes can mean different things’ ‘. If the rocks are sedimentary rocks, the holes could signal that they were shaped by a certain fluid. If the holes were of volcanic origin, they could be tiny vessels left over from gases that escaped.



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