Oceano Launches Superyacht NFTs

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Custom yacht builder Oceanco is set to launch its NFT collection named Superyacht NFTs.

Yachting is about fun and experiences and not just the status that ownership conveys – this is the philosophy behind the creation of Oceanco‘s NFT collection.

“At Oceanco, it is important to push the industry’s boundaries and challenge ourselves to continuously grow,” Oceanco Chairman Dr. Mohammed Barwani said.

According to Paris Baloumis, Oceanco Group Marketing Director:

“Entering the world of NFTs felt like a natural progression for Oceanco and we wanted to make sure we offered something unique and exciting. Which is why we are putting fun and engagement at the heart of Superyacht NFTs. We are making the exclusive more inclusive,” 

Superyacht NFTs will be on the Ethereum blockchain and will provide holders exclusive access to benefits that can be experienced both virtually and in reality. Oceanco will work with like-minded to bring activations and rewards to its holder community. Interested parties can pre-register to get access to the first release of the company’s NFT collection.

Timur Bozca of Bozca Design is in charge of the design for Superyacht NFTs. The collection’s design is based on Esquel, the 105/345ft explorer that the two brands worked on together before. Each NFT will have a unique combination of themes and settings, design elements, and rare features to make them more attractive for collectors.

In the future, Superyacht NFT holders will have the opportunity to boost their tokens using airdrops of collectible add-ons which include accessories and supertoys. 

A percentage of Superyacht NFTs’ profits will be donated to charities that have the initiative to protect the oceans.

Video Source: www.youtube.com


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