Panasonic Commences Sale of the NPM G Series

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Panasonic Smart Factory Solutions Co., Ltd. recently announced that it will gradually begin sales of the NPM G Series.

The NPM G Series is a series of systems that can quickly respond to clients’ supply and demand changes through autonomous and continuous updates, making autonomous factories a reality.

When disruptions occur in the production process, businesses turn to specialists for solutions. These blockers are caused by different issues. Panasonic believes that updates of the 5Ms (Man, Machine, Material, Method, and Measurement), and AI-based autonomous control make significant impacts during production.

What Does the NPM G Series Consist?

The series began when Panasonic introduced the APC-5M assembly line system on February 16, 2022. The system identifies variation and applies changes in the 5Ms for more efficient and stabilized production. 

Next on the list is the release of the NPM-GP/L screen printing machine. The device can automatically apply production line changes. Another product that is part of the series is the Auto-Setting Feeder which is an automated component supply system. Lastly, the series will have the NPM-GH modular mounter which boasts top-quality mounting accuracy.

The Takeaway

Panasonic will enable autonomous control of the 5M production process variables through a platform that connects these technologies with the aim to make autonomous factories a reality.

The recent changes that occurred in consumption and lifestyles are making impacts on supply chains. The company believes it can provide a reliable solution to this problem using factory automation. To be able to automate factories, Panasonic is working to cut the total cost of ownership through improved equipment efficiency and 5M management. The aim is to build autonomous factories that can address customers’ supply and demand changes with regular autonomous updates.

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