Porsche unveils its new electric bikes

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Porsche is the latest automaker trying its hand at making and selling electric bikes. The result looks fascinating and very expensive. The Volkswagen-owned company announced that it would begin selling a pair of full-suspension e-bikes this spring. The bikes were announced alongside the Prosche Taycan Cross Turismo.

There are two models of Porsche e-bike, the Sport and the Cross. The Cross is for off-roading adventures, Porsche says. It also sports a Shimano mid-drive, carbon fiber frame, and full suspension, in addition to Magura-MT Trail hydraulic disc brakes that are extra-large and “heat resistant.” It weighs 48.7 pounds and will retail for $8,549.

The Sport is a road bike more intended for everyday use, with a full-suspension carbon fiber frame, integrated front and rear lights, Shimano mid-drive motor, and a price tag that would make Jeff Bezos blush. The Sport, which weighs a little less than 48 pounds, will set you back about $10,700, which is just an astonishing price for an e-bike.

Porsche is the latest company specializing in combustion engine vehicles to dip a toe into the world of electric two-wheelers.


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