Qualcomm and Lofelt partnership aims to improve haptic feedback on Android devices

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Haptic feedback on Android phones running with the Snapdragon 888 chipset may get noticeably better starting in the second half of this year.

Qualcomm has recently announced that it’s working independently with a company called Lofelt to enhance haptics through software, not hardware.

Aside from some high-end LG phones most Android phones deliver muddy or rattling vibrations that don’t feel that great. Even the best ones can’t compete with Apple’s Taptic Engine it builds in-house and builds into iPhones and Apple Watch wearables.

Lofelt was able to develop a framework and an open API for phone manufacturers that can convert universal haptic data into signals that are finely tuned and improved for that device’s specific hardware. Lofelt CEO and co-founder Daniel Büttner spoke at length on Medium in a post called “The Keys to Delivering Better Haptics on Android,” and it covers everything you’d want to know about why the gap between haptics on Android and Apple devices has been so wide in the past few years.


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