SiliconExpert Releases Transim Services

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SiliconExpert is driven to add solutions that provide digital capabilities for design engineers. The release of Transim is another step the company is taking to serve this purpose. Transim is seen as a front-runner in terms of manufacturing digital solutions, services, and apps. 

“The catalog offerings and strength of the Transim brand, now a SiliconExpert brand, reinforces the commitment to quality and security we bring to market,” stated by SiliconExpert Vice President and General Manager Martin Chatterton. 

SiliconExpert’s Transim services launched solutions to support processes such as components management, document management, hardware management, analytics, design simulation, and expert user tools.

Components Management

– This service allows companies to procure rates from various suppliers, unify components, and pick the best price for every component.

Document Management

– Transim’s document management tool lets consumers manage, search, and retrieve numerous documents and catalogs. 

Hardware Management

– The hardware management option provides customers the capability to create an automated hardware management system with various capabilities.


– This includes insight statistics for data and users of this tool.

Design Simulation

– This web-based simulation app allows users to choose designs and other elements that fit their requirements.

User Tools

– This is a web-based Python Editor which gives users the capability to create or edit business logic for circuits and electronic parts.

“Transim has deep roots in delivering custom-built, secure technology for today’s leading engineering firms. Transim’s prominent customers and the wider component manufacturer community will benefit as we wrap Transim into the SiliconExpert portfolio of professional services,” said Transim Sales Manager Wade Hanna. 

These design engineering solutions aim for improved business operations efficiency and collaboration between global brands. The company has set itself apart from the rest by providing optimization options for product design. This innovation gives design engineers more opportunities to explore. The company has provided a press release that provides details regarding the addition of Transim.

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