Tech Companies Competing Over Helium Supplies

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Helium is essential in tech companies’ quest to drive innovation and tech giants are battling to secure their helium supply. This natural element is used to manufacture products such as microscopes, computer chips, medical equipment, balloons, and more. 

Helium on a Bull Market

Helium has properties that make it unique and essential for industrial manufacturing. It is extremely rare on our planet. What’s worse is there is an impending global helium shortage. It is predicted that the supply will not last for the next two decades. This comes at the same time when the demand for the element has increased and is expected to have an annual growth rate of 11% every year until 2037.

The element is commonly known for inflating balloons but it offers more than that. It is also essential in our daily lives. Companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Google use Helium to keep their data centers cool. The United States and Canada have added helium to the list of critical minerals. Around $12 million worth of helium is required to launch one space rocket.

Avanti’s First Helium Well

Avanti Energy Inc. has been making waves in the helium space as its three-well exploration drilling program has generated delightful results. The program was conducted in the Greater Knappen region which has a 69,000-acre property that goes from Alberta to Montana and is owned by Avanti. It could be one of the best prospects for helium discovery. 

NASA is the biggest consumer of helium with around 75 million cubic feet every year to cool down liquid hydrogen and oxygen needed for rocket fuel. With SpaceX and Blue Origin‘s rocket launches, the demand for helium for space exploration is predicted to increase in the coming months. And that makes Avanti Energy a promising investment.

With the tech industry relying on helium, companies that show potential for helium exploration could easily attract investors. The current market cap is approximately $80 million, there will be numerous opportunities available if Avanti’s program becomes successful.

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