The “deal with it” glasses were sold as NFT for $22,000

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Another iconic meme went up for auction as an NFT. The test and sunglasses used to popularize “deal with it” GIFs.The meme was listed by creative director and “art prankster”  Ryder Ripps. Who  made headlines for falsely claiming to be behind the dystopian redesign of the CIA’s website.

Ripp appears to be closely related to the “deal with it” meme at least, even if the decade-old image’s exact origin is difficult to verify entirely.

The text and glasses were popularized in 2010 on the image sharing site, which Ripps co-founded.

NFT sales have been blowing up over the past couple of weeks. Nyan cat sold for $592,000 in cryptocurrency at the time of sale.And digital artist Beeple is currently auctioning an NFT at Christie’s, with bidding now at $3.5 million with a week remaining.


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