Virtual-Physical Interconnections: Infosys Metaverse Foundry Launched

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Digital services and consulting company Infosys introduced Infosys metaverse foundry to boost the enterprises’ metaverse exploration.

The company has developed 100 templates and use cases that can help out consumers in discovering and reusing elements and connect to the metaverse with Infosys’ platforms.

Infosys’ move comes at a time when companies are paying more attention to the metaverse and are investing in the niche.

Infosys President Ravi Kumar S stated that the metaverse is no longer a buzz and will have a key role as the world enters post-pandemic age where many people would choose to live in the hybrid of virtual and physical spaces.

“The reason why we came up with the concept of Metaverse Foundry is because while some consumer businesses know what the use cases are, a large number of our clients are curious. So, the Foundry is this experimental infrastructure where you can discover, create and scale,” he stated.

“Once you discover and create, we are hoping that you (clients) will scale with us. Therefore we have the opportunity to help you scale that infrastructure over a period of time.” Ravi Kumar added.

Infosys is already working with clients such as Roland Garros and the Australian Open where they created a virtual world where users can make purchases. The company is also developing digital twins where a manufacturing plan can be established in the metaverse for simulation.

Ravi Kumar believes that the metaverse is still young at this point. “We will see the metaverse evolve over the period of time. But we are on that runway and catching that runway through this Foundry so that our clients can be on the runway ahead of their peers,” he added.

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