World’s First Space Hotel to Start Construction in 2025

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The world’s first space hotel will begin construction in 2025. It will feature restaurants, a cinema, spa and rooms for 400 guests.

Orbital Assembly, a large construction company, announced in a virtual event on its Youtube channel that it was on track to start construction.The work is due to start in low Earth orbit in 2025.

Tourists are required to undergo some training (both safety and physical) before boarding their SpaceX Starship shuttle to Voyager Station, which is designed to accommodate 280 eight guests and 112 crew members. That will include people there for space tourism alone, scientists conducting low-gravity research and service industry professionals doing what they do best — but in space.

“It’s going to happen fast when it starts,” said Orbital Assembly’s chief executive John Blincow. “And we believe it’s going to happen a lot, too, even before we finish the first one. We have buyers for other stations because they’re very, very lucrative.”


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