Youtube’s “supervised experiences” help parents choose the content their kids can see

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Youtube announced “supervised experiences”, a new set of restrictions that will help parents to better control what content their children access on the platform.

Youtube said in a blog post that it hopes to help parents with filters that slowly introduce their older children to age-appropriate features and content outside the Youtube Kids app.

Parents have three levels of strictness to choose from, which determines the content a child is allowed to view on their account. There’s the “Explore” level, which YouTube says is “generally suitable” for kids nine and up’ “Explore More,” which is meant for kids 13 and up; and “Most of YouTube,” which is pretty much everything except age-restricted content.

It isn’t clear yet what content will be allowed at the announced levels, but Youtube says the “explore” level will have “vlogs, tutorials, gaming videos, music clips, news, educational content and more.” Ultimately, the new content options should assist parents with children who feel too confined by the Kids app but are too impressionable to be fully exposed to the Youtube experience.


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