Cyberlink’s FaceMe integrated with MediaTek’s AIoT platform Genio

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CyberLink Corp. has integrated FaceMe, an AI facial recognition engine, with MediaTek’s new AIoT platform Genio.

In a statement, CyberLink said FaceMe’s precise and adaptable engine and the powerful and energy-efficient Genio platform together offer the market a premium edge AI solution for sophisticated facial recognition Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) applications.

CyberLink claims FaceMe has received the top rank globally from the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Facial Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT), with an accuracy rate of 99.7 per cent and an error rate (False Match Rate) as low as one in a million. The company added that FaceMe is already compatible with a wide range of operating systems and is tailored for IoT and AIoT platforms.

FaceMe now offers precise facial recognition capabilities for flexible deployment across a range of industries and use cases, including security, access control, public safety, smart banking, and smart retail, thanks to the recent MediaTek Genio 1200 integration. Edge computing offers quick recognition times, low latency, high privacy and security, scalability, improved neural networks, and more effective use of network bandwidth by bringing compute power to where data is located.

MediaTek Genio is an AIoT platform stack with power-efficient chips, open platform software development kits (SDKs), a full set of AI model fine-tuning tools, and technical support. The Genio 1200 is intended for premium AIoT products and their edge processing requirements. It perfectly meets the superior multimedia performance and power efficiency needs of AI facial recognition technology like FaceMe, thanks to a chipset combination of CPU, GPU, and AI Processing Unit that maximises AI capabilities. As a result, CyberLink said the FaceMe-Genio 1200 integration has already delivered excellent results on Android devices.

“AI-driven applications are at the forefront of innovation, and our mission is to provide the MediaTek Genio AIoT platform to drive the latest and greatest technologies at the end. We look forward to seeing what kind of incredible new experiences arise as a result of CyberLink’s facial recognition capabilities powered by Genio 1200,” MediaTek’s AIoT Business Unit Vice President Richard Lu said.

According to CyberLink CEO Dr Jau Huang, the market will demand higher-performing and more power-efficient solutions for their AI needs as AIoT and the number of use cases continues to grow.

“Our partnership with MediaTek couples Genio’s AI-enhanced hardware capabilities with FaceMe’s quick, reliable, and accurate facial recognition engine to meet these demands,” Huang added.


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