How you can get more space in your Google storage

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For many people, Google storage is the modern-day hard drive, the place where our most important documents and memories are placed. But just like the traditional hard drive, the space in Google storage is finite, and running out of space can be a problem.

Google gives you, by default, 15GB of space to use for everything associated with your account; including content connected to Google Drive and Gmail. Ultimately, data adds up fast.

You can check your current storage statues by going to this page. You can purchase more space there as well, for as little a $2 a month for the extra 100GB. But purchasing may not be necessary because a quick round of old-fashioned clearing out could be enough to clear you virtual clutter and here’s how:

  • delete drive debris by opening this link– which enables you to see a list of all your drive files with the largest items at the top, look through it and delete anything you no longer need
  • You can also go to the Photo setting page and select “High quality (free unlimited storage)”
  • and say goodbye to your gmail junk by opening your spam folder and click the link to “Delete all spam messages now”

Isn’t feeling lighter great?


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