Meta launched an AI system that generates videos from text

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Meta AI has announced Make-A-Video, a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool that enables users to create a brief, high-quality video clips from text prompts.

In a blog, Meta AI said Make-A-Video advances recent developments in Meta AI’s

Research on generative technology has the potential to give innovators and artists new options.

The system learns how the world moves from video footage without any accompanying text and how the world looks from text-image pairs. 

According to Meta AI, generative AI research is advancing creative expression by providing people with tools for swiftly and easily creating new material. Make-A-Video can bring creativity to life and produce one-of-a-kind videos full of brilliant colours, characters, and landscapes with just a few words or lines of text. The technology can also generate videos from photos or use existing videos and generate similar new ones.

Make-A-Scene, a multimodal generative AI technique that allows users more control over the AI-generated material they create, was announced earlier this year. Make-A-Video is the follow-up to that announcement. With Make-A-Scene, Meta AI showed users how to use words, lines of text, and freeform sketches to produce lifelike graphics and artwork fit for picture books.

Make-A-Video employs publicly accessible datasets, which increases the research’s level of transparency. According to Meta AI, it will continue to apply its responsible AI framework to hone and develop its approach to the rapidly developing technology. Meta AI claimed it is publicly sharing this generative AI research and outcomes with the community for their comments.


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