Microsoft’s Sustainability Report becomes interactive as a Minecraft Map

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Microsoft released its annual sustainability report and Minecraft developer Mojang turned it into an interactive map. Calling it “Sustainable City”, this new Minecraft map will be free for download in the Minecraft marketplace, and will be included in the game’s educational offshoot.

The map has six interactive lessons, which Mojang states are “ designed to give students a sense of stewardship for the planet”. The topics vary from sustainable food production, responsible forestry and water treatment and outflow.

Microsoft says “ through these experiences, they’ll find out what materials are recyclable and what happens to materials that aren’t.”

Students begin the exploration at a hydropower plant, observing how it operates from friendly non-player game characters.They will also encounter a sustainable forest where they hike in the woods to see what a sustainable forest actually looks like. Throughout the trek, students will understand the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of responsible forestry.

Learners will then be tasked to visit the local recycling plant ; next is observing the landfill and water-to-energy plant so students can see what happens to recyclable and non-recyclable materials;  another lesson tasks players with exploring a house built completely from sustainable materials.

Minecraft’s educational version was launched in 2016, but has only become particularly popular due to the rise of remote learning. Currently, Microsoft states more than 35 million educators and students are licensed to use this platform. Minecraft is used differently depending on the age of students involved but all in all, it offers a unique experience. Minecraft offers an  interactive way of learning as educators struggle with keeping students engaged as they learn remotely.

As for the content of the report? Microsoft states it’s making some progress, but there are more years needed before it reaches its targets. It is getting a bit closer to becoming carbon negative after securing 1 million metric tons of carbon removal for fiscal 2021. The tech giant has also had some slight success in forming partnerships to preserve fragile ecosystems and waste reduction.


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