Midea Introduces the Latest Smart Cleaning Technology and Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Home appliance brand Midea Group recently provided details of its next-generation robot vacuum cleaner.

The S8+ Auto Dust Collection Robot created by Midea Group’s subsidiary Midea Robozone Technology joins the company’s product line of intelligent cleaning technology. The robot can work hands-free for up to thirty days thanks to its automatic dust collection station.

Midea Group’s latest product showcases 30+ upgraded sensors for carpet detection, smarter detection, AI dynamic obstacle avoidance, and high-tech recognition. Users can choose from different cleaning modes such as auto cleaning, zigzag cleaning, intensive cleaning, and selective room or area cleaning. It can also connect to Wi-Fi and has voice support with Google and Alexa.

Other features included are:

High-Frequency Vibration Mop

– A V-shaped floating roller brush that has a dust removal rate of 95% with a large 450ML dust box capacity.

– Self-adjusting suction power and automatic carpet recognition.

– 5200mAh battery capacity

Deep Mop Cleaning Feature for Wet and Dry Use

– An ultra-frequency vibration wiping and mopping that scrubs floors for up to 500 times/min.

– New generation LDS navigation feature that accurately scans the whole vicinity

“As an innovator in smart cleaning technology, I’m proud to say that Midea is reaffirming its leadership in the smart home industry by revolutionizing high-performance robot vacuum cleaners to provide more convenience to our global customers. The S8+ is Midea’s premium model, representing a significant shift in modern home life where consumers seek intelligent cleaning assistants to meet the needs of today’s fast-paced life.” Robozone Technology Alice Shaw said.

Last month, the company also introduced its PB vacuum cleaner. Robozone is dedicated to creating cleaning solutions across the globe and aims to be the go-to home cleaning option for homeowners.

Image Source: www.businesswire.com


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