New Tech Trends You Should Look Out For in 2021

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Technology is moving quickly, enabling fast progress and change, until it becomes exponential.  And with the COVID-19 outbreak, technology trends are evolving along with the times. What does this mean for us? This means we should keep an eye out for the new trends in technology. It means keeping updated on the future to know which skills to acquire to secure a sustainable job tomorrow and learning the ways to head there. If you wish to keep updated on these new tech trends in 2021, we have compiled a list to update you on just that:

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Starting off with an exceptional tech trend- Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (ER). VR immerses users in an environment and AR enhances the environment’s experience. While this tech trend is being primarily used in gaming so far, AR and VR have also been used with training, such as in VirtualShip, a simulation software that trains U.S Army, Navy and Coast Guard ship captains.

14 million VR and AR devices were sold in 2019 and the global VR and AR market is expected to grow to $209.2 billion come 2022. This will create more opportunities in the trending tech, and welcome more professionals for this ground-breaking field.

Note that getting started in VR doesn’t require plenty of specialised knowledge-simple programming skills and a innovative-thinking mindset can land a job- another reason why you should look out for this new tech trend.


3G and 4G technologies enabled us to browse the internet, increased the bandwidths for us to stream Youtube and so much more. 5G services are expected to be a revolutionary update through enabling services that rely on advanced tech such as VR, along with cloud based gaming services such as NVidia GeForce, Google Stadia and many more. 5G is expected to be used in HD cameras, factories that assist in improving safety and traffic management.

Telecom companies such as Nokia Corp, Apple and Tmobile are now working to create 5G apps. 5G services are expected to launch globally in 2021 with 50 operators who offer services in more than 30 countries, making it a new tech trend you should already be saving a spot in.

Machine and AI Learning

There has already been a lot of buzz on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the past ten years. AI is well known for its superiority in speech and image recognition, smartphone personal assistants, ride-sharing apps and much more.

AI will be used to analyze interactions to determine underlying insights and connections, to help predict demand for services such as in hospitals enabling authorities in decision-making about utilization of resources. AI will also help detect the changing patterns in customer behaviour by data analysis in real-time, enhance experiences and driving revenues.

Machine Learning is the subset of AI that is being deployed in all types of industries, increasing demand for skilled professionals. Forrester predicts machine learning, AI and automation will create 9% of new jobs in the U.S. by 2025, jobs with automation specialists, data scientists, and content curators.

Tech to lessen Food Waste

Using technology for food waste reduction puts a significant dent in the food discarded by businesses, increasing food security and alleviating the suffering of millions who do not have even food for themselves.

Phenix has developed a mobile app that helps large food retailers, manufacturers and local businesses to sell excess food to consumers at half the price and donate the remaining to charities, saving 120,000 meals daily. Through their mobile app, consumers can see the nearest Phenix business partners and choose a business, safely select, pay and receive alerts with their pickup time.

Emerging food waste technology trends are propelling the food and hospitality industry towards sustainability. Tech that creates smarter supply chains and opportunities to repurpose food waste are the game-changers for the industry’s improvement.


There has been a strong need for cybersecurity professionals. The number of cybersecurity jobs is growing three times faster than most other tech jobs. Moreover, the need for proper cyber security has been astoundingly high in 2021, $6 trillion will be the global spending on cybersecurity.

Hackers who try to access data illegally are continuously finding ways to get through the toughest security systems. As long as there are hackers, Cybersecurity remains a trending tech as it will evolve to defend against hackers.

You must also note that however difficult the field is, it also offers remunerative six-figure incomes and roles that range from security engineer to ethical hacker to Chief Security Officer, offering a promising career for someone who wants to stick with this trending technology.


COVID-19 has catalysed a technological shift across industries. In the race to develop powerful digital capacities, corporations need innovative partners. And although technologies are emerging and continuously evolving, these tech trends offer promising advances and opportunities for the foreseeable future.


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