Samsung showcases evolution of SmartThings and introduces new device experiences at SDC22

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Samsung Electronics launched its annual Samsung Developer Conference 2022 (SDC22) in San Francisco.

SDC22 brought together developers, innovators, and designers to explore seamless, connected experiences powered by Samsung.

During the SDC22, Samsung discussed its commitment to providing streamlined, game-changing customer experiences and the company’s new vision for SmartThings as it transitions from a connectivity platform to an enabler of smarter living. SmartThings is developing a more prosperous, more open environment that empowers users to streamline their connections and daily lives, from greater integration with Bixby to seamless interaction with Matter-compatible devices.

“I am proud to share the next generation of our work, like SmartThings, to further our collaboration with partners and developers. As technologies become more complex, we will always search for ways to make life easier, more connected, and more flexible, so our consumers can focus on what matters most,” Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman, CEO and Head of Device eXperience (DX) Division Jong-Hee Han said.

Connecting Platforms and Devices with Calm Technology

According to Samsung, its goal of seamless connectivity is inspired by the Calm Technology philosophy where products instantly function together. To accomplish this, Samsung redesigned SmartThings and its linked services and collaborations, such as Samsung’s Hub Everywhere, which extends audio and visual data capabilities to the entire smart home and SmartThings Energy, SmartThings Pet, and SmartThings Cooking. Samsung also collaborated with Philips Hue to incorporate Philips Hue Sync directly into Galaxy devices.

Through SmartThings’ integration with Matter and Samsung’s participation in the Home Connectivity Alliance, the seamless experience will extend outside Samsung’s ecosystem. Google and Samsung collaborated to produce a multi-admin feature for Matter devices, allowing users to search and connect their devices across platforms.

Bixby is now fully linked with SmartThings, a developer tool to create more sophisticated voice user interface experiences. Bixby has matured as Samsung’s flagship voice assistant platform to become the on-device AI solution capable of controlling individual Galaxy devices and the cross-device experience across the Samsung ecosystem. Developers can now create unique, customised experiences for the SmartThings platform using the Bixby Home Studio. 

Meanwhile, Samsung is developing a new security paradigm that allows Samsung products to defend one another. Samsung Knox Matrix1 is a private blockchain-based network that transforms qualified Samsung devices into a shield to safeguard users’ entire device ecosystem. The new Security and privacy dashboard monitors for vulnerabilities, advises security upgrades, and provides data management options to keep privacy and security at the forefront of their minds.

Personalised Services for Better Experience

According to Samsung, Samsung TV Plus has grown by 100 per cent in the last year, with three billion hours streamed projected by the end of the year. To capitalise on this momentum, Samsung TV Plus has partnered with Lionsgate and Vice Media to provide 8K content on demand. Samsung TV Plus has also been redesigned to showcase its diversity of content, with over 1,600 channels available in 24 countries.

After ten years of operation, Samsung said its Tizen operating system (OS) is still providing best-in-class user experiences. The Samsung Gaming Hub improves, accelerates, and simplifies access to gaming on Samsung Smart TVs with industry-leading partners such as Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Utomik, and Amazon Luna. Samsung Gaming Hub combines hardware and software expertise to incorporate technologies like AI Upscaling and multitasking to enable gaming on Samsung Smart TVs to be an engaging, optimal experience.

Tizen OS is also growing its support for NFTs with partners such as Art Token, laCollection, and Nifty Gateway. Samsung provides B2B APIs tailored to industries and use scenarios, such as Syncplay, which allows material to be synced and played in numerous signages to B2B clients and developers. Tizen also introduces SALT, a new content conversion solution for displaying high-quality HDR10+ material on supported televisions.

Your Galaxy, Your Way with One UI 5

One UI 5 allows customers to quickly modify the look and feel of their device while also improving productivity and enabling incredible experiences across devices and platforms. With custom-built Modes and Routines, as well as a Dynamic Lock screen that displays numerous visuals on your phone, Galaxy Watch, and other One UI 5 devices. One UI 5 provides more personalised experiences. One UI 5 also includes new daily health solutions that allow you to track your health and wellness in one spot. This features the Samsung Privileged Health SDK, allowing developers to create apps that use the Galaxy Watch’s BioActive Sensor.

Future-Forward Investment and Research

Samsung Research has made its robot arm manipulation code public on GitHub, allowing academics, researchers, and developers to investigate novel robotic manipulation concepts.

According to Samsung, the Samsung Research team was also motivated by its new wellness features, particularly on the Galaxy Watch5. Samsung Research collaborates with universities and healthcare organisations to research topics such as heart health, stress, blood pressure, lung health, and neurology to identify new use cases. As a result, Samsung is providing a full-stack SDK — the Samsung Health Stack — to begin research and development in critical health disciplines.


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