Stability AI selects AWS as preferred cloud provider to build AI for the future

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Stability AI has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its preferred cloud provider to build and grow its artificial intelligence (AI) models for image, language, audio, video, and 3D content generation.

Stability AI accelerates its work on open-source generative AI models by utilising Amazon SageMaker (AWS’s end-to-end machine learning solution) and AWS’s established compute infrastructure and storage. Furthermore, Stability AI will work with AWS to make its open-source tools and models available to students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and corporations worldwide.

Stability AI provides generative AI models that generate text, images, audio, video, code, and other data from simple text commands. A high-performance computing cluster with thousands of GPUs or AWS Trainium chips, sophisticated experience, and months of training are required for generative AI or foundational models—models that are adaptable to a range of applications in domains such as language, picture, audio, and video. 

Stable Diffusion Version 2.0 was just launched by the company, and it includes open-source models for cutting-edge picture synthesis, allowing users to create new images from user-supplied text and image inputs. This most recent open-source release additionally includes models for upgrading image resolution and inferring depth information to generate new images.

Compared to self-managed machine learning infrastructure, Amazon said Stability AI would leverage Amazon SageMaker to construct and train machine learning models, saving training time and costs by 58 per cent. The company is deploying one of the largest clusters of machine learning instances on AWS, utilising Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) to run its open-source models, making it easier for developers to access those models. Stability AI intends to employ AWS machine learning and AI services in the future to construct and train future models to obtain the greatest performance at the lowest cost. Stability AI will also make its open-source models available to all AWS customers via Amazon SageMaker JumpStart, the model hub of Amazon SageMaker.

Stability AI founder and CEO Emad Mostaque said Stability AI’s objective is to lay the groundwork for AI to unlock humanity’s potential.

“AWS has played an integral role in scaling our open-source foundation models across modalities. We are delighted to run these models on Amazon SageMaker to enable tens of thousands of developers and millions of users to leverage the power of AI with a robust set of tools. We look forward to seeing the amazing things that developers build and customers design and implement using collective intelligence and augmented technology,” Mostaque stated.

Amazon Vice President of Machine Learning and AI Services Bratin Saha said only AWS has the scalability, dependability, and efficiency in delivering the next generation of AI with Stability AI, allowing billions of people to create magnificent art in seconds.

“Amazon SageMaker will help Stability AI scale its use of machine learning with end-to-end tooling, empowering developers to innovate AI applications and dream up new use cases. We are excited to help them invent new products, services, and experiences for the world with the proven performance of one of the largest-ever clusters of machine learning instances in the cloud,” Saha added.


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