What to know about Meta Quest’s v47 software update

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Meta outlined some of the new features in the current Meta Quest software update, including several that take advantage of the expanded capabilities of the Meta Quest Pro headset.

Updates for Meta Quest Pro

Background Audio Playback: Meta now allows users to multitask using Meta Quest Pro, enabling users to listen to music or podcasts while working. The new feature can be tested by launching a streaming service in the Browser and then a game.

Mixed Reality Capture: On Meta Quest Pro, users can now record and share the coolest mixed reality moments, such as some late-night beat matching in Tribe XR or a little living room espionage in I Expect You TO Die: Home Sweet Home.

Public and Shareable Wishlists

Users can make their Wishlist on the Meta Quest Store public to let their friends and family know what virtual reality (VR) titles they’d want to get this year. If users set their Wishlist to Public in the Meta Quest Store tab in the mobile app, they’ll be able to share it with others. 

Updates to the Meta Quest Mobile App

Users’ VR friends will be put front and centre on the Meta Quest Mobile app, making it easier to see when they’re online, what they’re doing, send them a message, or start playing together.

Meta is also adding a widget to the home screen that displays the battery life of users’ headsets and controllers, making it easier to start Casting, accessing and opening apps. And use important device settings.

Avatar Mirror in Meta Horizon Home

It’s now easier than ever to change users’ avatar’s appearance, whether it’s through clothing, a haircut, or an experimental moustache. On Meta Quest 2 and Pro, Meta added a mirror to the Home environment, allowing users to rapidly check their appearance and make adjustments to their avatar in real-time.


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