Drone tech provider Nightingale Security secures contracts with global giants

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ASX-listed drone manufacturer Nightingale Intelligence Systems is wrapping up the year with new contracts with global giants including energy company Haliburton and global information management company Iron Mountain. 

In an ASX announcement, Nightingale said it has seen unparalleled growth since its inception only a few years ago, with notable existing clients such as the US Air Force, Ineos, Lyondell Bassell, Sanofi, and Snowy Hydro. 

The company said these contracts demonstrate the versatility of Nightingale’s proprietary technology across multiple industries, as well as its strategy of focusing on physical security in a bid to add deputy in features specifically designed for security applications. 

Nightingale also executed technology and partnerships with Magos Systems, ShotSpotter, Harris Radio, ProWatch, Exacqvision, ATAK, and Genetec. 

Its partnership with advanced radar technology provider Magos System is aimed at enabling the dispatch of a drone to a triggered event detected from a Magos ground radar unit. 

Nightingale is also working with gunshot detection system provider ShotSpotter to develop and advance precision policing solutions, allowing the dispatch of a drone to a gunshot event for faster response than a patrol car. 

Furthermore, with its number of clients in the Defence industry, Nightingale can now send C2, video, and telemetry data through Harris radio units. 

“Nightingale is delighted to be partnering with these iconic companies, and they are symbolic of our continued expansion and traction across the market globally. The diversity of the industries and verticals represented by these clients is indicative of Nightingale’s focus on physical security as well as the demand for security automation across different industries,” said Jack Wu, Nightingale Security’s chief executive officer. 

“Physical security is a team sport, not an individual sport. Nightingale is clear on its role as a force multiplier and the benefits of integration as it makes the combined solution a much more useful security stack. It also increases the value of existing security infrastructures that Nightingale’s customers have already invested in. It’s a case of 1+2 being greater than 3.”

The company says it plans to continue innovating its solutions with other technological advancements planned for 2023. 


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