Google: Chrome OS now has a built-in screen recorder

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“Teachers have long recorded lessons to help students do homework and study for tests, but in the past year it’s become downright critical for virtual learning,” stated in Google’s blog post.

Google hopes that the tool will make it easier for teachers and students to record virtual lessons.

It appears pretty simple: Once you pressed the appropriate button on your Chromebook, you will see a countdown in the center of your screen. While your Chromebook records, a red circle will appear on the right side of the shelf.

Google for Education is launching 40 new Chromebooks which would include convertible Chromebooks that would function like a table or laptop, and the devices come with a stylus, touch screen and dual-cameras for students to make notes in

In addition, Google for education has created a resource to help users find the right Chromebook– whether it is for in-class learning, devices for staff or virtual learning.


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